Don’t Major In Minor Details

When it comes to health, stop majoring in minor details.

That right there might be the most important thing I want anyone I work with to take home and apply to their life.

With the plethora of diet information out there, it’s easy to get caught up in the details and strictness of it all.

Some of these details include:

>>counting calories
>>counting carbs or fats
>>avoiding any and all sugar, salt, and oil

Or, the ideas like these:

>>never eat anything from a can
>> everything must be made fresh
>>never use a microwave
>>eat 6 small meals a day
>>no, wait. 2 meals a day is better
>>don’t eat after 8 pm; or is it 9?
>>never consume non-organic produce because of GMOs and pesticides
>>cooked food will kill you, raw food is best!

I could go on and on.

While some of the many diet details may have some merit, none of these details are more important than your sanity. Diet rules change from season to season. They come and go. It’s generally best not to keep up with them.

All the minor details are often what hold many people back from changing their eating habits. It can all seem too overwhelming. That is not how eating should be. It should be as simple as the following:

>>Eat whole foods, mostly plants, most of the time.
This includes eating lots of:
>>vegetables and fruits
>>dark leafy greens
>>whole grains

But it also means enjoying some chocolate, movie popcorn, cake, fill in the blank, once in a while. The overall pattern of your diet is what’s most important. What you are eating most of the time.

Let me break it down.

Let’s say, for example, you don’t consume oils for health reasons. You get invited to a friends house or out to a restaurant for dinner where at either place there is bound to be some oil used. You could stress out about the oil (in the otherwise fabulous dish) the whole time you’re eating. Or, you could skip eating out and just stay home instead. Neither is a great option.

First of all, when we are panicking on the inside over something we are eating-no matter what that food is-the stress and negative thoughts we are focusing on are much worse for our bodies than the food we are eating. Eating in a stressed-out state can halt proper digestion. Instead, choose to enjoy that food, enjoy the company you are with, enjoy the moment.Β  This is one meal (or maybe it’s several) out of about 90 that we eat in a month.

Remember it’s not about eating perfectly all the time. It’s the overall pattern of our diet that is important. Not all the little details.

It’s okay if you eat more canned beans than dried beans. (Just eat the beans!)

It’s okay to not count calories, carbs, fats, proteins, etc. (It’s more sustainable to eat intuitively and follow your hunger cues. Eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full.)

It’s okay to eat frozen fruits and veggies instead of fresh all the time. (This can sometimes be cheaper anyway)

It’s okay to eat conventionally grown produce instead of organic. (Eating any piece of fruit or vegetable is better than not eating it at all.)

It’s okay to not like kale. (At least try it a few different ways! Luckily, there are a number of other greens to eat if you don’t like kale.)

It’s okay to eat at night. (Maybe you worked late and didn’t get dinner or you’re just legitimately hungry. Or you’re out with your friends or family enjoying yourself or you are breastfeeding or…should I go on?)

The bottom line is don’t be so rigid with the details that you can’t enjoy yourself. And, don’t have so many rules that you forget how and what youΒ are supposed to eat! You can absolutely reach your health goals by keeping it simple. Remember, for most people, it’s as simple asΒ Eat whole foods, mostly plants, most of the time.Β 

Is eating healthy whole foods important and worth it? Yes. But other things are also important such as your job, your creativity, your kids, your significant other, laughing, and having new experiences. Throwing out a bunch of food rules that occupy too much brain space is a smart choice. Life is too short not to!

I find I’ve felt my best (and so have my clients) when we put the focus on eating whole, plant-based foods most of the time.

Give it a try.

Drop any comments or questions you have below.
Or, if you are ready to make a healthy change, reach out to me. I’d love to help.


  • Alyssa says:

    Oh I absolutely LOVE this Hannah! Such a good and important reminder. Your website is so beautiful and we’ll done. Can’t wait to keep following along and learning from you.

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Sour cream belongs on tacos in my opinion and this tofu sour cream is so easy to whip up and tastes kind of perfect as a sub for dairy sour cream. ...
1 package of tofu (any will do - I usually buy firm)
~ 2 Tbsp Lemon juice
~ 1Tbsp Apple cider or red wine vinegar
1/4-1/2 tsp sea salt
1. Combine and blend all ingredients into a blender until smooth and creamy. 
NOTE: I like to start with about half of the lemon juice, vinegar, and salt and then blend, taste, and adjust flavors as I go until I get the right sour creamy flavor. 
2. Chill and enjoy!
  • Kinda diggin' this new almond milk sweetened with banana puree. It's like a grown up version of the Nesquik banana milk and I'm here for that.
Dang, it's been awhile since I've posted consistently on here. I'd like to change that. To be honest, I struggle with allowing my true personality to show up on here which makes it difficult for me to want to be on here much. I sometimes worry about what others might think of the things I share so I end up not sharing anything! But I don't want to do that. I find joy in being able to help motivate and educate people on taking charge of their own health and eating their dang fruits and veggies. While I do that in my real day to day life, I'd like to bring that work on here a bit too because I generally enjoy the people I connect with on this platform. .
TL;DR - Hello again. Instagram is weird. But I like it anyway and plan to be better about posting consistently about plantbased eating and the evidence behind it and a little bit more about me. βœŒπŸ’œ
  • @thedomramirez and I had some fun making some banana sushi for dessert. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Simply cover banana in nut butter and roll in toppings of choice.
We are freezing some for those times we want a sweet snack.
I bet these would be a lot of fun to make with kids, too.
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  • No need to complicate healthy eating. Leftovers make lunches a snap. Today's lunch was a bowl of leftover steamed veggies and roasted potatoes with salsa on top. On the side, I had two seaweed brown rice cakes with mashed avocado, hummus, salsa, sauerkraut, and warmed refried beans from a can. Easy and ready in 5 minutes and full of fiber, protein, and micronutrients.
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