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More and more people are turning to a whole food, plant-based diet to:

  • Improve their health
  • Lose weight
  • Save money
  • Show respect for animals
  • Fight the effects of climate change

Unfortunately, due to the mixed messages of what constitutes a healthy diet, changing the way you eat isn’t always easy. Not to mention the fact that eating animals and animal products is so ingrained in our culture. It can feel like learning a new language! That’s where I can help.

Planted With Hannah was started as a way to help current plant-eaters and those that are plant-curious overcome the challenges of changing your diet for the better. I want you to have a smooth transition into a more plant-based way of eating so you will be empowered to stick with it. Many people become former vegans or vegetarians because they over-complicate it. Or, they rely on pre-packaged, processed vegan foods that don’t help them feel their best. Let’s end that cycle.

Through the website, I will bring you helpful tips, yummy recipes, and solid research that supports you in your goal of eating more plants and fewer animals. Through personalized coaching, you will also receive advice on cultivating a healthy relationship with food and your body. I believe this aspect of health is just as important as what’s on your plate.

So, how did I get here?

I spent a good chunk of my early adulthood obsessing over exercise and eating “healthy” (read restriction/under-eating) for the purpose of aesthetics. This led me down a path of disordered eating and exercising way too much. My already small frame became smaller and brought with it health issues including:

  • Terrible digestion and stomachaches
  • Poor mental health
  • Loss of period
  • Lack of social life

I knew I couldn’t keep heading in this direction and I needed to rebuild my health and relationship with food. I needed to shift my focus and find my happiness again. In an attempt to heal my digestion (and after trying many other things), I went vegan for 30 days and oh my goodness. I started to feel better. And I loved it. I had always had an interest in this way of eating out of my respect for animals so this overall was just feeling right to me thus I continued after the 30 days. It took some trial and error and I’m not a perfect vegan (because perfection is not required). But I have learned so much on the power of whole plant foods and the health benefits they bring with them for our body and mind.

With a background in health and fitness already, I furthered my education by becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner so I could help other people:

  • Improve digestion and feel better 
  • Find real long-lasting health
  • Cultivate peace and pleasure with food

I want eating more plants to be easy and exciting NOT hard and humdrum.

If you are tired of trying diet after diet, depriving yourself, or eating ultra-processed low-calorie foods in hopes of feeling fabulous but still feeling lackluster then contact me!

If you are done relying on medications as the only option to deal with your health issues, plant-based eating is for you. Your body has the power to heal if given the right nutrients from real whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, beans, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

I hope that through working with me, you will see that you deserve to feel well and that true health can be a reality for you. A whole foods plant-based diet can help you feel great and have the energy to accomplish the things that you really want in life. Whether that’s practicing yoga, fighting for social justice, spending quality time with your loved ones, having the money and time to travel, or having the strength to give it your all in your career.

You deserve to be healthy.


  • Raise your hand if you love sour cream but you don't love dairy!! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
Sour cream belongs on tacos in my opinion and this tofu sour cream is so easy to whip up and tastes kind of perfect as a sub for dairy sour cream. ...
1 package of tofu (any will do - I usually buy firm)
~ 2 Tbsp Lemon juice
~ 1Tbsp Apple cider or red wine vinegar
1/4-1/2 tsp sea salt
1. Combine and blend all ingredients into a blender until smooth and creamy. 
NOTE: I like to start with about half of the lemon juice, vinegar, and salt and then blend, taste, and adjust flavors as I go until I get the right sour creamy flavor. 
2. Chill and enjoy!
  • Kinda diggin' this new almond milk sweetened with banana puree. It's like a grown up version of the Nesquik banana milk and I'm here for that.
Dang, it's been awhile since I've posted consistently on here. I'd like to change that. To be honest, I struggle with allowing my true personality to show up on here which makes it difficult for me to want to be on here much. I sometimes worry about what others might think of the things I share so I end up not sharing anything! But I don't want to do that. I find joy in being able to help motivate and educate people on taking charge of their own health and eating their dang fruits and veggies. While I do that in my real day to day life, I'd like to bring that work on here a bit too because I generally enjoy the people I connect with on this platform. .
TL;DR - Hello again. Instagram is weird. But I like it anyway and plan to be better about posting consistently about plantbased eating and the evidence behind it and a little bit more about me. ✌💜
  • @thedomramirez and I had some fun making some banana sushi for dessert. 😂😍 Simply cover banana in nut butter and roll in toppings of choice.
We are freezing some for those times we want a sweet snack.
I bet these would be a lot of fun to make with kids, too.
  • 😍😍😍
  • Wise words from Roots!
#Repost @rootszerowastemarket
• • • • •
There's no room for single use! Literally, there's NO MORE ROOM on our planet for single use. .
If you have to take on packaging, make sure you are reusing those containers! Just because the product is gone doesn't mean the value is. You not only bought yourself food but also a re-usable container..so get your money's worth! .
Our recycling system is broken but you can be the solution...every day you #reuse and #refill. .
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  • No need to complicate healthy eating. Leftovers make lunches a snap. Today's lunch was a bowl of leftover steamed veggies and roasted potatoes with salsa on top. On the side, I had two seaweed brown rice cakes with mashed avocado, hummus, salsa, sauerkraut, and warmed refried beans from a can. Easy and ready in 5 minutes and full of fiber, protein, and micronutrients.
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